18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

                                                                                 -Ephesians 6:18 NIV


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Mom Bonnie Coleman was in the hospital with a bad uti, feeding tube problems,and forumla moving too fast through her system . She recently passed away . It was her time my brother and I are crushed . Thank you for praying for her through the years .Pray for my brother and I as we embark on life without our parents .We have been a caregivers for years now pray we both are able to get good jobs in travel Respiratory therapy or reg Respiratory Therapy My brothers current work enviroment isnt the best his boss made out the schedule on Fri and has already changed his work times two times even sent it by text message late Saturday night Around 5:00pm he got off yesterday at 1:00pm I picked him up from work Friday he got in the car and his phone rung and he hadnt left the parking lot and it was her she changed his schedule. A Godly wife and A good work enviroment.Pray my brother has good bowel movements he almost had to go to the hospital pray he has easy bowel movemts . We have a stray animal that a girl on drugs left the animal shelter picked up today we been taking care of her for the past 4 years us and our neighbors Pray that she gets a good home with kids . .We truly are very sad we love you all . Thank you for praying for her and us . pray for my brothers car and mine . Pray we are able to settle the estate without any issues . Pray about us getting a good lawer to help us with this and someother issues we must address. Thank you Sincerly Shawn Coleman


Hi everyone; a family friend’s father-in-law (Bobby Van Zandt) was in a bad accident and is currently in critical condition. Please pray for healing and the Lord’s comfort for him and the family. Thank you.


I've been going through a difficult time, and was hoping that y'all would be willing to pray unspecific prayers for me. Thank y'all so much!


It seems like everyone has a lot going on right now but please pray for me and Bryan. I will simply ask you to consider this an unspoken prayer request as a whole but certainly our parents are a big part of our needs at the time and esp right now for Bryan’s mom, Pat (my mom is Pat too). Her latest diagnosis has hit him esp hard over the past few days. Timing is never good for bad news right! Please pray that God will give him peace and comfort and wisdom. Please pray for good news - for our whole church - I’m tired of bad news. Thanks for lifting us up when we are just so exhausted.


Hey y’all, just wanted to let y’all know that Mom is doing much better. We did get her started on Plaxovid but I will give the credit to the great physician and my Orchard family for lifting her up in prayer. Maybe I’m overreacting right now but that was pretty scary for me so thanks so much! Teresa