We are excited to share this special week with you! The Orchard Church will gather together all week to SERVE our Jerusalem, the community of Midland, TX. 

We hope you will set aside this week & SERVE with us! 

This year, Servolution is the week of September 10th - 16th

Volunteers can help serve at 1 or more of the multiple service opportunities organized by our Outreach Ministry.

Please note, some spots are limited on how many people can attend. The duties for each position vary based on what each ministry needs. Children may attend any of the opportunities.

If you have any questions please contact one of our Outreach Ministry Pillars.

Seleste Chavez (432) 352-7331 & Axel Chavez (432) 212-1912

Servolution Schedule September 2023

  • 10th, Sunday - Kickoff During Service - Grab your bag for the Baptist Crisis Center Donations from the Connection Center after service!

  • 11th, Monday - Kaleidoscope Ministries - 6:30PM - All Welcome

  • 12th, Tuesday - Midland Fair Havens - 6:00PM - All Welcome

  • 13th, Wednesday - Jubilee Center Food Bank  - 6:00PM, All Welcome

  • 14th, Thursday - TBD Serving Opportunity

  • 15th, Friday - Shop for Baptist Crisis Center

  • 16th, Saturday - Rays of Hope - @ Green Acres Mini Golf, Fundraiser at 10AM or 3PM

  • 17th, Sunday - Wrap-Up During Service - 10AM - Bring your MBCC Donations