The Joy of Shaking It Up

While it certainly makes good sense to take some regularly scheduled vacations and trips with your family and friends, have you ever contemplated what it might be like to escape from yourself, even for just a few days? You can't get out of your body, or course, but you can hit the ‘refresh” button on your mind, creating a mental vacation that updates your perspective , reloads your enthusiasm, and rebuilds your potential for joy.


During this inspiring and invigorating getaway, your objective will be to think, speak, and act in a manner consistent with Philippians 4:8, Keep your mind as well as your mouth preoccupied with what is beautiful, excellent, true, just and worthy of praise. Review your blessings, especially the little ones. Smile more. Laugh more. Think on and review your goals.


Start today or this week - push the pause button and take a vacation from yourself.