The Joy of Knowing Whose You Are

When you see yourself in the positive light of scriptural truth, you will have a much easier time experiencing a joy filled life. A key is understanding how your self-concept influences your attitude towards life, this can help you both live with and spread more joy.


Your self concept is the picture that you hold of yourself at the unconscious level. It forms gradually throughout your life and generally includes the beliefs you have about the past, present, and future. The future portion of your self concept, often referred to as the self-ideal projects are internal images of anticipating future success and satisfaction (or lack thereof). Keep in mind, the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions you take all get their operating instructions from your self-concept.


Given the culture we live in, it takes a deliberate and persistent effort to create and maintain a healthy, productive, and joy producing self-concept. So as a believer we must remember your true self - worth is based only on what God says about you not on how you feel about yourself. Your life here on earth is your special opportunity to fulfill God’s vision from your life and to magnify the joy he has placed within you. A mediocre self-concept does not from GOd but from the blemishes and stains of the world. Today, see yourself as a more than conqueror through Christ. You will certainly ascend to the level. The World tends to accept you at your own valuation but you should see yourself as God’s masterpiece- Priceless!