Focus Creates Feeling - The Joy of Awareness

We become what we behold.


At any given moment, you can choose to pay attention to what's present or what’s missing, what’s working or what’s broken, what you achieved or what you messed up, what's available or what’s unavailable, what’s possible or what’s impossible, and what excites you or what frightens you.  And in so doing, you will win or lose the battle for your mind.


Here’s how it works.  The more you emphasize your good health with both your silent thoughts and public speech, the healthier you feel.  The more you mull over God’s promises, the greater your spirit convictions will be.


Refuse to feel negative emotions by constantly talking about what is wrong with your life.  Instead broadcast your blessings to anyone who will listen.  Turn the spotlights of your concentration to your future hopes and dreams & the grand mysterious future God has in store for you.


Button line: we feel what we dwell upon.  Our focus determines our own feelings.  Whatever our attention molds our intention.  What we contemplate, we internalize.  What we internolie, we emotionalize.  If you have an urge to “go negative” remember that doing so cannot produce anything positive.