The Fifteen - Minute Miracle - The Joy of Daily Solitude

Be Still, and remind yourself that God is in control. Take time every single day to surrender  every corner of your life to Christ. 

Contemplate the size and scope of God. Remind yourself that any problem is small when compared to your heavenly father. Experience the cleansing, renewing, and invigatroring power that is always available to you. 

Whatever you do, pour God into your morning before you expose yourself to the headlines and  heartaches of the day. Since God created you and the universe, why not let him help you create your day? Think about it. If you had access to the smartest person in your field and he offered to mentor you every morning, would you accept that invitation? 

With God, though; you have far more than you can even humanly imagine. Because God is all powerful, He can help you with everything. And because He knows everything, you can go to Him with all your questions and concerns. 

Investing this time first thing in the morning is a single discipline, but it comes with multiple spiritual rewards, including joy, insight, renewal and peace of mind. Minutes invested in praying for wisdom will save days spent in overcoming mistakes. 

Start your Fifteen Minute Miracle Today!