Write Your Own Headlines - The Joy of Goals

Starting today, write your own life story and make the headlines sensational!

Your written goals are your headlines for the future. Make them captivating, and you will rise above and beyond your previous best... and breathe in much joy all along the way. Goals work because we all enjoy moving forward with something we want to experience.

Develop goals to grow your faith as well your finances. Develop goals to become a better spouse and a stronger parent. Develop a goal to become fit and maybe even a goal to have more fun.

Goals tell your brain what to notice in the midst of a crowded thought life. Goal setting is an essential tool for disciplining your mind to focus on what is lovely, excellent, and worthy of praise. Your goals will reflect the elements of your life that are worthy of attention, reflection, and mediation.

A joy-producing goal is a written commitment to create an outcome that is fixed, measurable and compatible with God’s word. Goals simplify decision making and help you delay gratification.

Set goals so big, that when you reach them you will be certain God helped you!