Think This, Not That - The Joy of Free Will


A healthy body produces energy. Likewise, a healthy mind produces joy. What we choose to think, produces how we feel each day. Progress toward joy filled life begins with a firm decision to cut back on joy-reducing thoughts and increase joy producing thoughts. In short, you have to change your mental diet. You have to think this, not that.


Joy is a state of mind that must be purposely cultivated if you are to live and love and influence others as God intended. SInce you are free to choose what you think about, and you have billions of options, what specific thoughts should you increase to become joy filled? What kind of thoughts will distress your soul?


        So lets today consciously choose to: 

  • Think excellent thoughts, not mediocre thoughts
  • Think compassionate thoughts, not harsh thoughts
  • Think loving thoughts, not indifferent thoughts
  • Think faith thoughts, not fear thoughts
  • Think thoughts of victory, not thoughts of defeat
  • Think about what you want, not what you don’t want