The Secret Studio - The Joy of Creation


The secret to living an exceptional life tomorrow is thinking strong joyful thoughts today.  Living exceptionally is the net result of feeding your mind with the kind of high-quality ideas and limitless possibilities that will set you free and allow you to thrive as God intends.


The invisible battle you wage against your human nature will be won or lost in the mind.  You are writing your own life story with each subtle thought you think.  Almost everything that happens to you, good or bad, originates with a single thought.


What you persistently think sooner or later crystallizes into the words you speak, then the things you do, and ultimately, the circumstances you help bring about.  With every thought that races through your mind, you are reinventing yourself and your future.


Start thinking the thoughts you would like if you wholeheartedly trusted God’s promises.  Turn  your mountains into molehills by discussing God more than your difficulties.  Assume the good intentions of others.  Maintain the mood that corresponds with answered prayer.


Once we renew our minds (Romans 12:2), things often take care of themselves.