The Joy of Curiosity


It is the greatest attitude in the world.


Originally grown, this attitude is established with decision, nurtured with right thoughts, and time released to the world at large. It will be fiercely tested on the battlefield of life, but fully developed, it cannot be taken away. What is this attitude? It is Joy!


If you believe that God has great plans for you and your future, it changes things big time! If you believe this, you can't hide it from the world.


Joy is the irresponsible and contagious fruit or divinely inspired growth. It rises from a deeply entrenched, unshakable belief, the result of sustained right thinking and dwelling on those things that are lovely, admirable, pure and worthy of praise. Joy is an outward sign of inward faith in God and promises.


For Christians, the main reason that living with joy should be the only way to live is that our example speaks louder than words. Our example is either attractive or unattractive.


Living with Joy is our birthright. It is God's intention for all his children. Remember, this is your one shot at life. Present the face of joy everywhere you go. Live in a way that people who watch you will be curious. Live in such a way that they’ll conclude “I’ll have what He’s having”.